Email me a picture of your Rose Tattoo inspired tattoo and I'll display it here...

Sideburn lead vocalist Roland Pierrehumbert is a ROCK-N-ROLL OUTLAW!!!

Phil is a longtime Tatts fan, and had his tatt drawn 26 years ago in Sydney.

Drew from Detroit had his tatt done in 2002. His message is simple: TATTS FOREVER FOREVER TATTS.

JJ Bozzy writes to us from Switzerland. His tatt was made in Medellin, Columbia and gives him good memories of the trip!!!

Gauthier from France has been a Tatts fan since he was 16. He's now 18, and his tatt is inspired by the classic logo!

Edgar from Berlin Neukölln in Germany tells us he was tattooed 2002 in the UTGARD TATTOO Studio in Berlin from Janek for Rainer (the Nick Name = Edgar).

His message is this: "I salute for the Freaks of Australian Rock´n´Roll and Blues! R.I.P. Bon, Digger, Pete, Ian R., Billy Thorpe and all the other dead Rock´n´Roll Heroes of this world. We will never forget you! See you in another world! Maybee(-;

Lookee here....some great detail work on this Tatt from MOTORINK Tattoo Studio, Visconde do Rio Branco 1735. (esq. Emilio Perneta). 30162177

Tony - from Canada by way of the U.K. - is a longtime Rose Tattoo fan, who saw the Tatts at Bradford, England in 2001.

Here's Tony from Australia...who lives his life according to the Big 3: AC/DC, Angels and Rose Tattoo! Best gig he's seen in years was the Tatts at the Prince of Wales in 2003.

Fabrice from France presents his first tattoo, drawn on January 14, 2005. It's the classic logo made by Studio Kris&G - Franconville. Oh...and Fabrice also wants to say that "Rose Tattoo Rules The World!"

Pauline shows us a couple of amazing tattoos. The first includes the Rose Tattoo snakes and was drawn by Peter Blackman of Traralgon in Melbourne. The second features a rose drawn by Pete Wells at the House Of Pain in Sydney, last year!

Mike provides us with not a Tattoo, but a jacket that the boy's signed backstage at Maple Leaf Garden's, Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Aug ?? ,1984. Mike met the band and still to this day thinks they are one of the great rock and rollers around.

Ed, a self confessed Rose Tattoo Junkie, got his Tatt in 1980 or 1981 (drink has clouded his memory) after seeing the Tatts open for Nazareth in Cleveland Ohio!

Ben had his tatt done by Pete Wells himself, at the House Of Pain in Sydney!

Sheila's first tattoo...she's had it for a year and is ready for more!

Jason says that Rock 'N' Roll Is King!

Mattis, from Sweden, saw the Tatts in 2001...and after that performance had to get a tattoo!

Jochen - from Nürnberg, Germany - shows off his Rose Tattoo, made by Willy's Tattoo in Fürth.

Luc, from Belgium, shows his first tattoo (1999), the classic logo from the best rock 'n roll band on earth!

Gerno, from Germany, displays a classic Tatt drawn in 1979. Norman is his son, born in 1995.

Peter, from Melbourne, shows off a "Damn Fine Tattoo" by Woods.

Peter, from Melbourne, is backing the Woods.

Mark, from Hamilton Canada, tattooed by Jen @ Cottage 13.

Anders, from Sweden...with the classic logo. He's proud of well he should be.

Missy, from Indiana...showing off her birthday present.

Uwe, from Hilden, Germany...the classic logo.

Jose, from's snake vs. snake.

Michael, a Tatts fan from Tassie, gets the real deal from PW himself.

Sean, from Los Angeles, displays his good fashion sense along with the classic logo.

Paul, from Australia, shows off his Tatts inspired rose.

Craig, a blues guitarist from Australia who did a bit of drinkin' with Digger back in Bondi's glory days (late 70's early 80's)

He used a pic of Angry's upper arm tattoo to add some "twang" to his Telecaster

Marcel from Prague, Czech Republic

Drawn in 1980

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