sydney 82

April 30, 1982. It's a full house at Sydney's Hordern Pavilion. The occasion - a free concert, with tickets given away by Triple M. The attraction? None other than Australia's mighty ROSE TATTOO!

The Tatts had spent the better part of 1981 in England, where they had taken the country's rock circuit by storm. But now they were back home, and on a roll. As Tatts fan Mike Provis remembers "Rob Riley had settled in and the band was unstoppable at this point. They were widely acknowledged as the best Aussie live band, even by people who didn't like them!!"

The show, maybe the high point of Rose Tattoo's career, was enjoyed by more than the rabid horde in it was also brodcast live on Triple M. (Although you had to be there to appreciate the throng of girls, in various stages of dress, dancing on stage during the encore!)

Here's the set list from that special occasion, when the Tatts demonstrated - in ear splitting fashion - that ROCK 'N' ROLL IS KING.

Out Of This Pace
Bad Boy For Love
Assault & Battery
The Butcher & Fasy Eddy
Rock 'N' Roll Is King
Manzil Madness
One Of The Boys
Chinese Dunkirk
Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw
Astra Wally
All The Lessons
Nice Boys

Going Down
Suicide City

Special thanks to Mike Provis.

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