New Years Eve @ the Empire Hotel 12/28/05

Pete Wells is unable to play his annual NYE at the Empire 
(first time in 7 years I think). So after a bit of last 
minute organizing Pete Wells is presenting The Blurters, 
DOOMFOXX, Demolition Highstyle and Daredevil. Plus 
possibly another band. The show kicks off at 8.30pm and 
at $10 must be the cheapest NYE gig in town.

Angry Visits The Troops 12/28/05

Angry once again was part of a band of Australian entertainers who flew overseas to visit
soldiers in Iraq. read the full article below:

	Australian troops in Iraq treated to Christmas show 
	December 25, 2005 - 3:17PM 

	A band of Australian entertainers has given up the chance of a festive 
	season at home to provide Christmas cheer for 450 soldiers stationed in 
	southern Iraq. The entertainers gave up time with their families to put 
	on a Christmas show for Australian Defence Force personnel stationed with 
	the Al Muthanna Task group at a base near the town of As Samawah. 

	Legendary performer Little Pattie (Patricia Thompson), who entertained 
	Australian and allied troops during the Vietnam War, led the Tour de Force 
	concert. She was joined by country music singer Beccy Cole, Angry Anderson, 
	former Australian Idol contestant Hayley Jensen, Bessie Bardot, Geoff Barker 
	and comedian Lehmo. 

	"I feel I'm here to continue a time-honoured tradition which is of Australian 
	performers performing for Australian forces no matter where they are in the 
	world," Little Pattie said today. No matter what your politics are, whether 
	you agree or disagree about our involvement, it's something every professional
	artist should do in their career." Little Pattie was the youngest performer when 
	at 17 she performed for Australian service personnel during the Vietnam War. 

	Anderson, a rock icon and leader singer of Rose Tattoo, said Australia's defence 
	personnel should not be forgotten. "It's a thing as a country we need to constantly 
	be reminded of that they represent us as a nation around the world," he said. 
	They are our sons and daughters and they're out here doing us proud." 

	Meanwhile, the Christmas spirit also reached HMAS Parramatta on duty in the Persian 
	Gulf as part of Operation Catalyst - which is helping to secure Iraq's oil infrastructure 
	in the Gulf. The sailors on board received a surprise visit from Father Christmas who 
	handed out presents. AAP

Tatts gigs @ the Annandale & Bridge Hotels 11/17/05

The Tatts are playing this Friday 11/18 at the Annandale Hotel.
Ticket info available at

The Tatts are playing this Saturday 11/19 at the Bridge  Hotel.
Ticket info available at

Pete Wells Band, NYE @ the Empire Hotel 11/16/05

The Pete Wells band is booked for their traditional New Years Eve 
show at the Empire Hotel. More info on this show as it becomes available.

Buffalo Interview 11/16/05

Steve Danno-Lorkin interviews Dave Tice and John Baxter from
Buffalo, on the occasion of the Volcanic Rock CD re-issue. There's
a review of the CD as's all here

Pete Wells Sydney Benefit Photos 11/16/05

Here's another gallery of pictures from Pete's Sydney Benefit Show.

Angry Anderson Interview 11/12/05

Lee-Roy from 979fm has an interview this Monday at 2:30pm 
with Angry Anderson, where Angry will be discussing his days 
in Buster Brown. This is in conjunction with the recent reissue 
of "Something To Say" by Aztec Music.

There'll be Tatts talk as well. 

The interview can be heard online, but remember to keep the time 
difference in mind when tuning in. 979fm is in Melton, Victoria...which 
is a suburb of Melbourne. You can coordinate your local time with 
Melton's here

Buffalo "Only Want You For Your Body" Reissue 11/12/05

Buffalo's "Only Want You For Your Body" has been reissued by Aztec Music ...

	Buffalo - Only Want You For Your Body 


	"Buffalo’s 3rd album: Only Want You For Your Body, the last with the classic 
	line–up of Dave Tice (Count Bishops), John Baxter, Pete Wells (Rose Tattoo) 
	and Jimmy Economou, was released in 1974. The album sits comfortably next to 
	Volcanic Rock as one of the most outrageously heavy and ground-breaking stoner 
	rock albums ever released in Australia. With 6 further Tice/Baxter classics, 
	including “I’m A Skirt Lifter, Not A Shirt Raiser” and “Kings Cross Ladies”, 
	the album cemented Buffalo’s reputation as Australia’s premier hard rock band.

	The wildly tasteless cover design featured an obese, screaming, semi-naked woman 
	shackled to a torture rack. On the back cover, the band revelled in their role 
	as leering, lascivious Aussie yob rockers, with Tice wearing a devilish grin while 
	clad in his black leather strides ‘n’ braces and brandishing a bullwhip. It was 
	just a bit of harmless fun, yet outraged record store managers across the land 
	refused to stock the record, some eventually placing it in a brown paper bag to 
	hide the offending images."

	Track listing:

	1. I’m A Skirt Lifter, Not A Shirt Raiser 
	2. I’m Coming On 
	3. Dune Messiah 
	4. Stay With Me
	5. What’s Going On
	6. Kings Cross Ladies
	7. United Nations 
	Bonus Tracks:
	8. What’s Going On (Single Version) 
	9. United Nations (Live Version)

	Only Want You For Your Body is available from Vicious Sloth for $25 + post.

Re-releases & New Releases 10/23/05

There's lots of cool new Rose Tattoo related CD's and DVD's on
the market now. Read on...

	Buffalo - Volcanic Rock 


	"One of the great lost classic Australian LP’s from the 1970’s is Buffalo’s 
	2nd LP: Volcanic Rock - one of the band’s greatest records and essentially 
	the first stoner rock album ever issued in Australia.

	The importance of Volcanic Rock can never be underestimated. This is the album 
	that established the band’s reputation for dispensing uncompromising heavy 
	psych rock of monumental proportions; this is the album that continues to enthral 
	aficionados of the genre the world over. It was this LP that established the 
	classic line-up of: vocalist Dave Tice (who later joined UK R&B band The Count 
	Bishops), guitarist John Baxter, bass player Pete Wells (who later switched to 
	slide guitar in another legendary Aussie band: Rose Tattoo), and drummer 
	Jimmy Economou.

	Aztec Music and Vicious Sloth will be reissuing all 5 Buffalo titles in 
	late 2005 / early 2006 - Dead Forever, Volcanic Rock, Only Want You For Your Body, 
	Mother’s Choice and Average Rock N’ Roller Each release will be a deluxe version: 
	newly remastered from the original master tapes with rare bonus tracks. They will 
	be packaged in a 6-panel digi-pak with 24 page booklets – liner notes by Ian McFarlane, 
	rare photos and recent interviews with key band members. Please note: there have been 
	several unauthorised Buffalo CD’s released over the past 10 years - these reissues will 
	be the first ones that are both fully licensed, and done with the full co-operation 
	of the band themselves."

		1.      Sunrise (Come My Way)
		2.      Freedom
		3.      Till My Death
		4.      The Prophet
		5.      Intro: Pound Of Flesh
		6.      Shylock                                          
		Bonus Tracks: 
		7.      Sunrise (Come My Way) (single version)
		8.      Shylock (Live at Hyde Park, Sydney 1973)

	Volcanic Rock is available from Vicious Sloth for $25 + post.

	Rose Tattoo - Live in 1993 from Boggo Road Jail 


	"Since igniting Australian audiences in the late 70s with the rock n roll anthems 
	Bad Boy for Love and Rock n Roll Outlaw, Rose Tattoo have remained the bad boys 
	of Oz pub rock. Performing here in front of a huge crowd at Boggo Road Jail alongside 
	the Divinyls and Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs, Angry Anderson and the band deliver a 
	thumping set of seminal Oz rock, rolling out all their big hits."

	The reissue of "Live at Boggo Road Jail" DVD - which features new artwork, 5.1 Dolby 
	Digital Remaster, new liner notes and added trailers - is available from

	Rose Tattoo - Rose Tattoo / Assault & Battery 


	"The FMR 'Double Plays' series continues with the Tatts first 2 albums released
	on one budget cd."

	This disc is available from

	Pete Wells - Mothers Worry 


	"Slide Master, Rock Identity, founder & driving force behind Rose Tattoo – 
	this man is an institution! His ‘no – bollocks’ approach to his music is 
	here for all to hear. A lifetime of rock n’ roll in the toughest sense means 
	that this album is compulsory for collectors of Aussie Rock Music. This rock n’blues 
	album was produced by Rob Grosser, who also played drums. Lucy De Soto guests 
	on a number of tracks."

	Petes latest cd, available from Big Rock Records.

	Chris Turner's Blues Pirates 


	"Chris Turner’s Blues Pirates are the latest incarnation of Chris Turner’s 
	musical journey. Born in South London he has been playing his blues based 
	music for well over forty years. He has covered half the globe in his long 
	professional career. Now based in Sydney, Australia, Chris has gathered together 
	Rob Grosser, Erik Damburg, Ian Lees, Pete Wells plus many others in an ever changing 
	blues line up."

	Together with Rob Grosser and Pete Wells on bass The Blues Pirates have recorded 
	an album titled “Skulduggery”, soon to be released on Big Rock Records.

	Buster Brown - Something To Say 


	"Buster Brown was a short-lived, but highly influential Melbourne band from the
	early Seventies, who are remembered as the breeding ground for some of Australia’s
	most famous musicians (AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd & Rose Tattoo vocalist Angry Anderson 
	being the most notable). Aztec Music’s reissue of Something To Say has finally made
	this slice of Aussie hard rock history available for the first time in over 30 years."

	Something To Say is available from Vicious Sloth for $25 + post.

Pete Wells Sydney Benefit Photos 10/07/05

Thanks to Juergen Tschamler for some amazing Rose Tattoo photos, 
stageside at the Sydney Pete Wells benefit show. Juergen reports
that the Tatts played a very fast and intense see the 
complete gallery of Sydney photos, go to the Live page.

And don't forget about the Melbourne show this weekend, with 
info available at

Also, check out the incredible gallery of benefit photos at 
the official Rose Tattoo Website. 

Performance Times Confirmed for Pete Wells Melbourne Benefit Concert 10/03/05

Performance times have been confirmed for Pete's Melbourne show,
and the schedule is available at:

Online Ticket Sales for Pete Wells Melbourne Benefit Concert 9/18/05

Tickets for the upcoming Melbourne benefit show for Pete can be purchased
through the Palace Website.

Pete Wells Melbourne Benefit Concert 9/09/05

Hot on the heels of the recent Pete Wells Benefit show
in Sydney...comes news of a Melbourne benefit show at
the Palace Theatre - October 9th. Performers will include
Rose Tattoo, Beasts of Bourbon, Pete Wells All Star Band, 
Ian Rilen & The Love Addicts, Tex Don & Charlie, Paul Kelly,
Tim Rogers & The Temperance Union, and Dave Hogan's Melt Down.

Check out, which will be online by mid
September with the latest news on the upcoming show!

Latest News on Pete's Benefit Concert 8/24/05

Former Midnight Oil frontman Peter Garrett will be Master
of Ceremonies for the Pete Wells Benefit Concert:

	MP PETER Garrett has joined the A-list of Australian
	rock to pay tribute to ailing Rose Tattoo guitarist 
	Pete Wells.

	Mr Garrett, who thrilled the industry recently with 
	his oration to induct Hunters and Collectors into 
	the ARIA Hall Of Fame, has agreed to act as an MC 
	at Wells' benefit concert at the Enmore Theatre in 
	Sydney on September 7. 

	"Musos sticking together is what this concert is 
	all about," Mr Garrett said yesterday. "We played 
	with the Tatts in the early days and Pete Wells was 
	a pure bloke - all music, muscle and tattoos. 

	"I hope we raise heaps of money to him and others 
	who face this difficult situation." 

	Wells is battling prostate cancer.

Pete Wells Links 8/16/05

Here's some links relating to Pete:

Video preview for Pete's benefit concert

60 Minutes story about Prostate Cancer w/a segment on Pete's battle

60 Minutes Transcript

Buster Brown 2005 Reissue 8/15/05

Just got my copy of the new Buster Brown reissue and am pleased
to report that it is a first class release from top to bottom!

This is a must have cd for the Tatts aficionado - the disc was delivered
promptly and safely by Vicious Sloth

The remastered sound is incredible, Ian McFarlane's liner notes
are a fascinating read, there's several rare photos and illustrations,
and Angry also contributes comments to the package.

The Buster Brown Discography page has full details on this reissue.

Pete Wells - Mothers Worry 8/07/05

Pete Wells new cd "Mothers Worry" has been released. It's
yet another winning combination of blues and rock-n-roll 
from PW. The cd is distributed in Australia by MGM and will 
soon be in the stores and available online. Check the
Discography page for details on this great new release.

Buster Brown Reissue 8/07/05

Vicious Sloth Records in Australia has just released a
comprehensive CD reissue of the long unavailable Buster Brown album.

The disc includes liner notes from Ian McFarlane, several 
live bonus tracks from Sunbury & GTK...and the mega-rare Rose Tattoo 
single "Release Legalize".

For ordering information, contact the fine folks at Vicious Sloth

Official Pete Wells Benefit Concert Info 8/03/05

Here's the official info for Pete’s benefit show, September 7 at the 
Enmore Theatre in Sydney. Tickets go on sale Friday, August 5th!!!

Pete Wells Benefit Concert 7/28/05

Pete’s benefit show will be held on September 7 at the Enmore Theater, Sydney
There’s a cast of thousands playing, including: 

• Jimmy BarnesThe Original Angels Band 
• Noiseworks

Full details will be available soon.

Pete Wells Solo Album 7/28/05

Pete's new solo album is titled "Mother's Worry" and was recorded with 
Lucy & Rob Grosser. Mother's Worry will be released in the near future 
on Razor Blade Records. Full album details soon.

Robbers Dog Album Released 7/28/05

Brisbane’s Robbers Dog have released their 2nd album, which is titled 
"Only One Way To Rock". The album feature’s Pete adding his slide to the 
track ‘House Of Pain’ which is a tribute to the tattoo shop and also 
to The Tatts. Steve King also adds his thumping bass on the song 
as well as on a cover of Budgies ‘Wildfire’. 

The album is released on Razor Blade Records & will be available soon. 
Check out the Dogs site (The site is currently down but will be up soon). 

Just as a matter of  interest, the song House Of Pain was written by Merlin 
from Robbers Dog & Eagle from Pete's official website, a few months before 
Rose Tattoo wrote their track House Of Pain!

Tatts Europe Photos 7/04/05

We've got some amazing photos from the Aschaffenburg show courtesy of
Juergen Tschamler. See them under UK / Europe '05 on the Live page.

Tatts In Europe 6/26/05

Herko has been with the Tatts in Europe and has posted pictures
from many of the Rose Tattoo / Doomfoxx shows. You can find all 
the info on the official Rose Tattoo Website. 

Looks like a rockin' good time...

2 New Releases 6/11/05


Geordie Leach's new project is "DC and the Rich Men". The trio - Dave Cavanaugh, 
Paul Robinson & Geordie - have released a cd of powerful storytelling and acoustic
melodies. It's very different from Geordie's Tatts work, but excellent nonetheless.

Find out more about DC and the Rich Men at
The cd is available for $10 + postage. meyer John Meyer has recently released "John Meyer's Blues Express" If you are a fan of electric blues guitar, this cd is highly recommended. There's a lot of British and Chicago blues in John's style, and his guitar tone is amazing. The cd is available via the fine folks at: True Blue Records Also, there is an interesting article about John's new release at More info on both of these on the releases is available on the Discography page.

Tatts Live Photos 6/01/05

Trevor Dare has come through again...providing us with some up close and personal
shots of the Tatts tearing up the Cardiff Panthers Club! Trevor reports that it was
an amazing show...Rob did an admirable job filling in for Pete on slide...but at the 
same time it just wasn't the same without Pete up there in the mix. Looking forward
to seeing Mr. Wells back onstage where he belongs!

Great to see Mick Cocks on stage with the Tatts again, and Mick O'Shea (filling in for Paul) 
rocked steady. Angry & Steve - great as usual. See all the Cardiff shots on the Live page.

Tatts Live News 5/30/05

Tatts fans report that the Eastwood and Cardiff shows were amazing! Lineup included
Rob Riley on slide, Mick Cocks on guitar, and Mick O'Shea sitting in for Paul
on drums. Full reports - with pictures from the shows - are coming soon!

Tour News & Dates 5/04/05

Unfortunately, Pete Wells will not be touring with the Tatts due to health issues,
the big news is that his replacement will be original Rose Tattoo axeman Mick Cocks!
Mick has been busy with his new band DOOMFOXX, but he will also be playing with the Tatts
again for the upcoming tour! 

DOOMFOXX will be supporting the Tatts in Europe, so Mick will have double duty: the headline
set with Rose Tattoo and the opening set with DOOMFOXX!
Here is the complete list of tour dates including Australian warmup shows:

Fri 27 May  AUS Eastwood Hotel
Sat 28 May  AUS Cardiff Panthers Club
Fri 3  June AUS Rooty Hill RSL
Sat 4  June AUS Revesby Workers Club
Thu 9  June AUS Hellenic Club, Canberra 
Fri 10 June AUS Woonona-Bulli RSL Club
Sat 11 June AUS Doyalson RSL
Wed 15 June GER Colos Sal, Auschaffenberg
Fri 17 June GER Columbia Club, Berlin
Sat 18 June GER Lausitzring, Eurospeedway
Sun 19 June GER Mau Club, Rostock
Mon 20 June GER X Club, Herford, Germany
Tue 21 June GER Aladin, Bremen, Germany  <---- New Venue
Wed 22 June GER Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany
Fri 24 June GER Zeche Carl, Essen, Germany
Sat 25 June BEL GMM, Dessel, Belgium
Mon 27 June UK  Mean Fiddler, London, UK
Tue 28 June FR  Elysee Montmarte, Paris, France
Wed 29 June SW  Z7, Prattein, Switzerland
Thu 30 June GER Hirsch, Nurnberg, Germany
Fri 1  July GER Metropolis, Munich, Germany
Sat 2  July AUT Orpheum, Graz, Austria
Sun 3  July GER Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg, Germany


Pete Wells Online Interview 4/20/05

There is an excellent Pete Wells interview online at The Rock and Roll Geek Show
Pete talks about Rose Tattoo...slide guitar...dealing with cancer...and lots more.
Its a worthwhile listen...

DOOMFOXX EP & Download 4/17/05

Blast Records

Mick Cocks' band DOOMFOXX has a new 4 song EP available, and you 
can download the first single "Piece Of Me" from Blast Records. The
EP is available at all shows...and word has it that the promo video 
for the single will be debuted at the April 20th show...upcoming shows 

April 20, 2005 Sydney The Excelsior Hotel, 64 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills April 27, 2005 Sydney The Excelsior Hotel, 64 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills

New Live Photo Galleries 4/17/05

Check out the new photo galleries and Live Reports for
Australia 2003 & 2004, as well as UK/Europe 2004 on the
Live page.

Angry & The Bad Boys Of Oz Rock 4/01/05

Bad Boys

Angry Anderson is touring through the month of April with the Giants on the
BAD BOYS OF OZ ROCK tour.  The Bad Boys are none other than Angry... 
Matt Taylor of Chain...and Stuard Wood of the Giants. Check out the Giants
page for tour dates.

Ian Rilen's Passion 3/31/05


Finally got my hands on Ian Rilen's latest release, "Passion Boots & Bruises"
from Ian & the Love Addicts. Its grinding, gritty barroom rock 'n' roll, well
worth checking out. See all the details on the Discography page.

2005 European Tour Dates 3/21/05

European tour dates for 2005 have been announced!!!
The dates are:

15.06.2005 - GER Aschaffenburg Colos Saal
17.06.2005 - GER Berlin Columbia Club
18.06.2005 - GER Lausitzring Eurospeedway
19.06.2005 - GER Rostock Mau Club
20.06.2005 - GER Herford X Club
21.06.2005 - GER Kiel Kieler Woche (tbc.)
22.06.2005 - GER Hamburg Markthalle
24.06.2005 - GER Essen Zeche Carl
25.06.2005 - BEL Dessel Graspop Metal Meeting 2005
27.06.2005 - UK  London Mean Fiddler
28.06.2005 - FRA Paris Elysee Montematre
29.06.2005 - CH  Pratteln Z7
30.06.2005 - GER Nürnberg Hirsch
01.07.2005 - GER München Metropolis
02.07.2005 - AUT Graz Orpheum
03.07.2005 - GER Ludwigsburg Rockfabrik


Brewster Bros. & Big Daddys 3/20/05


Angry Anderson is slated to appear as a special guest of the 
Brewster Brothers at the following gigs:

Saturday March 26 - Culburra Bowling Club - Culburra Beach NSW
Sunday March 27 -  Sussex Inlet RSL - Sussex Inlet NSW


Paul DeMarco will be drumming for the Big Daddys 
at the following gig:

Saturday April 9 - Palm Beach Golf Club - Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW

New CD Reissues w/Bonus Tracks 3/13/05

rnrout assbat

sc4lif sstars

UK record label Captain Oi has just reissued the first four Rose Tattoo 
releases on CD with bonus tracks, historical artwork and liner notes 
from Kerrang!'s Derek Oliver.

Notable bonus tracks are:
"Wild One" - Making its first appearance on cd, it was the B-side 
   of the "I Wish" single. 
"All Hell Broke Loose" - Previously available as a bonus cd single 
   in the 1998 re-release of the "Nice Boys Don't Play Rock'n'Roll"

See all the details on the CD Discography page.

Mick Cocks New Band "Doom Foxx" 3/06/05

doom foxx

Mick Cocks new band Doom Foxx has been playing around to Sydney to great 
notices...they will be at Spectrum in Darlinghurst on Sunday March 6th...
check 'em out!

Vote in the Polls! 3/02/05

Rose Tattoo polls are back online. Go to the Polls page
to register your vote!

Pete Wells Solo 2/27/05


Pete Wells is in the process of recording a new solo album. No word yet on
whether it will be a project similar to 2002's "Solo", which featured Pete
and Pete alone on all instruments and vocals.   More info coming soon...

Pete & Steve King are also contributing to the new album by Brisbane's Robbers Dog.

Lucy & her Handsome Devils 2/27/05


Lucy DeSoto and the Handsome Devils recently finished a successful round 
of dates in support of harmonica player Lynwood Slim. Check out Lucy's
releases on the Discography page.

Buffalo & Buster Brown Reissues 2/27/05

The entire Buffalo catalog is slated to be reissued w/bonus tracks. These
releases are coming from Aztec Music which is owned by former Aztecs drummer
Gil Matthews. Expect to see the Buster Brown album w/live bonus
tracks, as well as other classic releases!

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