December Tatts Dates 12/01/03

Here's some upcoming Tatts shows for December...the Tatts are
co-headlining with the Angels, and Black Label is the support
band. A rocking evening is guaranteed!

Friday 12th December 2003 - Rooty Hill RSL, Sydney
Tickets Available At Venue

Saturday 13th December 2003 - Salinas, Coogee,  Sydney
Tickets Available from Ticketek

Tatts Notes 9/29/03

• The Tatts video for "House Of Pain"...featuring
  live footage from their July 23rd gig at the
  Annandale currently in rotation on 
  Channel B in Australia. 

• Paul DeMarco couldn't make the Darwin Casino show of September 20th due to a personal it was Mick O'Shea (Romeo Dog, Judge Mercy) filling in on the skins - and doing a great job of it! Pete Wells reports that is was indeed a rocking gig!

Rocks Push Distribution Deal 9/29/03

rocks push

The Rocks Push release "Three Good Reasons For The Blues"
is getting great reviews and airplay. Latest news 
is that Pete, Chris & Rob are going to sign a deal
with Blah records in Melbourne, who will distribute
the album on a worldwide basis.If you don't have this
great release, its available from Big Rock!!! 

2 Big Tatts Shows This Weekend 9/24/03

Don't miss the Tatts this coming weekend:

Friday 26th September 2003 - Surfers Paradise Beer Garden, QLD

Saturday 27th September 2003 - Hoey Moey, Coffs Harbour, NSW

Angry & the Brewster Bros. 9/12/03

angry brewsters
Angry Anderson guested with the Brewster Brothers on
Saturday Sep. 6th at the Albion Hotel in Parramatta.
Here's a mini review gleaned from an Angels discussion

It was John & Rick on guitar (Rick with some
wicked slide work) and Angry on vocals and 
tambourine. Tatts songs included Rock and Roll 
Outlaw, We Can't Be Beaten, a brilliant
version of Scarred For Life and Bad 
Boy for Love. Angry also sang the Angels' City
Out Of Control and some other songs, including 
All Along The Watchtower. 

A fantastic night all around!

Angry's remaining dates with the Brewsters are:

Fri September 12    Allawah Hotel, Mona St., Allawah         10 pm
Sun September 14    Albion Hotel, George St., Parramatta      6 pm
Fri September 19    Crossroads Hotel, Hume Highway, Prestons 10 pm

Tatts Dates 9/03/03

Here's some upcoming Tatts shows for September & November:

Saturday 20th September 2003 - MGM Grand, Darwin (Casino)
  Outdoor gig on the lawns of the Casino. Tickets now available at the venue.

Friday 26th September 2003 - Surfers Paradise Beer Garden, QLD

Saturday 27th September 2003 - Hoey Moey, Coffs Harbour, NSW

Saturday 29th November 2003 - Queenscliff Festival, Victoria

Sunday 30th November 2003 - Corner Hotel, Richmond, Victoria
  Support band "MADE".

Rocks Push CD Released 8/15/03

rocks push

The Rocks Push cd...featuring a power trio of
Pete Wells, Chris Turner & Rob Grosser is out
now! "Three Good Reasons For The Blues" is hard 
hitting, rocking blues at its best. The cd is 
available and highly recommended...this thing 
rocks! Get it from Big Rock. 

Angry's Upcoming Gigs 8/15/03

Angry is very busy over the next few months:

SEPTEMBER:: Acoustic Gigs with the 
Brewster Brothers of the Angels in Sydney. 

OCTOBER:: Acoustic Gigs with the 
Brewster Brothers in Perth. Also some gigs
with the Angels as vocalist (this is just a 
guest slot...Angry is 100% Rose Tattoo).

NOVEMBER:: Gigs with the 
Big Daddys (Kevin Borich, Paul Christie, etc.)

Angry would also like to get a band together with Tim Gaze and 
play songs from the "Southern Stars" album as well as his "Beats
From A Single Drum" album.

New Melbourne Gig Review 08/15/03

Pete Wells web bloke Michael Eagling was at the Tatts
Melbourne is his detailed review:


Prince Of Wales Hotel, Melbourne, Thursday 24 July 2003 (Review by Eagle)

It’d been 4 long years since Melbourne had a giant dose of 
ROSE TATTOO rock ‘n’ roll which is far too long for anyone, 
fan or not. There was a strong smell of eager anticipation in 
the air weeks before the gig, but it was even more noticeable 
as I killed time downing a few beers in the public bar before 
the show. Fans wandered in and out, a lot tattooed (wunder why!!) 
wearing the traditional black t-shirt, quiet a few had the new 
Tatts ones which was great to see.

Surprisingly I would say that the majority of the crowd were on 
the younger side of most traditional Tatts fans which was great to 
see. I had 5 people with me who had never witnessed the Tatts live 
before and their expectations were mixed although I had worded them up.

Venturing backstage before the show, I met up with Kingy who was 
sipping on a scotch (Johnny Walker Red) waiting for the rest of the 
band to turn up. Supposingly they had left the hotel they were staying 
at a while ago but had not got there. Eventually they turned up with 
Wellsy explaining that his bag had been lost somewhere along the line 
and they had to find it.

Back out front the support band the Casanovers were finishing their set 
with a ripping cover of AC/DC’s ‘Riff Raff’ leaving the punters eagerly 
awaiting one of the legends of Oz rock to hit the boards. Shortly after 
the mighty ROSE TATTOO greeted the full house of approx 900 and powered 
through a set list of -

One Of The Boys

Black Magic

Bad Boy For Love

Assault & Battery


House Of Pain

Kisses & Hugs

Butcher & Fast Eddy

Illustrated Man

Scarred For Life

Can’t Help It If I’m Lucky

Union Man

Rock ‘N’ Roll Outlaw

Nice Boys (Don’t Play rock ‘N’ Roll)

We Can’t Be Beaten

17 Stitches

Astra Wally

It was LOUD, it was BRUTAL & the fans LOVED IT. Some memorable things to be noted 
on the night were -

        • The band played 7 songs from ‘Pain’ and a number of the crowd knew 
          the words which impressed Angry (as there has been no publicity on 
          the release of this album in Australia).

        • Melbourne being his home town, Angry gave a very inspirational 
          performance telling a few stories of his youthful escapades which went 
          down well. Collapsing after ‘Nice Boys’ and had to be helped up by 
          Wellsy before cranking into ‘Beaten’.

        • The pretty lady who politely slipped in the front of me to jump on 
          stage and kiss Angry after ‘House Of Pain’ & the band went straight into 
          ‘Kisses & Hugs’ after she was assisted of by security!!!!

        • Kingy not only impressing the fans by his great bass playing but also 
          drinking a bottle of Johnny Walker Red straight through the gig.

        • Rockin’ Rob Riley doing a solid job and pulling his famous faces.

        • DeMarco giving his Ludwig set an absolute pounding and having to tighten 
          a number of things regularly.

        • Wellsy, the Maestro of the band keeping everyone together, even when some 
          of the new songs got a bit loose,chain smoking, looking very well and 
          blasting out some serious slide.

        • The band was brilliant, the fans were impressed. Well Melbourne fans, 
          the band were very impressed so stay tuned for more ROSE TATTOO Rock ‘N’ Roll 
          later this year!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Oana Gilbert for making things happen & fans who supported the band by 
buying merchandise.

Thanks Michael!!!

Melbourne Gig Review 08/04/03

Jason was at the Melbourne gig...and provides this review:

	This was the second time I have managed to see Rose Tattoo 
	in 20 years (the first being in Hamburg in Germany about 11 
	months ago). Although I must say the German audiences are more 
	enthusiastic about our own local talent than us Australians are, 
	the Tatt's did not fail to disappoint their small legion of fans 
	at the Prince of Wales on the 24th in Melbourne. From the first 
	to last track (I dont have a track listing cause I was pretty 
	drunk by that stage), they showcased material off every album 
	apart from "Southern Stars" which unfortunately is their most 
	neglected album even though on the same par as their earlier 
	albums in my opinion. (We are not including the "Beats from a 
	Single Drum" era here by the way which is more of an Angry solo 
	project than Rose Tattoo).

Well, what can I say being at the front at the stage where Robin Riley and Steve King (with Angry flailing about in typical Angry style)? They are simply put, one of the most genuine acts you could possible want to see. No pose, no 'tough guy' act, what you see is what you get with these blokes, and those who were fortunate enough to go to the show and be 'one of the boys' were treated to an amazing show with lots of both old and new tracks thrown in. Surprisingly, most of the people in the audience were very familiar with the new album 'Pain', and concluded that the Tatt's have lost nothing since bringing a glorious line-up back into the camp. This is of course evident on their "25 to Life" double CD/LP, but nothing can make up for the intensity their instruments produce on stage, as opposed to a live recording in where you can only imagine the intensity.

Thanks for a great night guys ... (I won't go to mention the support acts here cause one sounded like a female Ramones clone and the following band a clone of The Cult - both of those bands suck, so a clone of them can't be much better in my opinion). But the Tatt's flew home the Eureka flag rather than the Stars and Stripes influences, and made the night one of the most enjoyable I've been fortunate to experience in 30 years - thanks!!!
Thanks Jason!!!

Angry in the 'Recliner' Again 8/04/03

The "Recliner Rocker Tour" - featuring Angry 
with Stuart Wood + The Giants & blues legend 
Matt Taylor (Chain) - is kicking off again with 
tour dates for Tasmania & the East Coast of 
the mainland.  Dates locked in so far are:
August 21    Royal Oak Hotel, Launceston
August 22    The Warehouse, Devonport
August 23    The Republic Bar, Hobart
August 24    to be announced

Tatts Dates 7/05/03

The Tatts have 3 big shows coming up this month

SYDNEY: 7/23/2003 Annandale Hotel 
        (w/special guests Black Label + 1 more band)
MELBOURNE: 7/24/2003 Prince of Wales, St. Kilda 
        (w/special guests The Spazzys + The Casanovas)
ADELAIDE: 7/25/2003 Le Rox *** ALL AGES SHOW *** 
        (w/special guests Full Frontal Lobotomy + The All Stars)

Pete Wells Power Trio 7/05/03

ROCKS PUSH is the name of a new Pete Wells musical project,
with Pete on bass, Chris Turner on guitar and Rob Grosser
on drums! Their debut release "3 Good Reasons For The Blues"
is coming out on the Big Rock label. The band is named 
after an old Sydney street gang...this is definitely going to rock!

New X Releases and a Reissue 7/05/03

X has released a CD-EP of newly recorded material entitled 
"I Love Rock 'N Roll". (a copy is on the way)

Also...a double live cd "Evil Rumours - Live At The Basement",
recorded December 2002 at the basement in Sydney! (a copy is on the way too)

And the 2nd X album, "At Home With You" has been reissued on CD
on the Morphius label.

Angry on Tour 4/10/03


Angry is on the road doing some gigs with Stuart Wood + 
The Giants & blues legend Matt Taylor (Chain). Dubbed the 
"Recliner Rocker Tour" as a tribute to Stuart’s long time 
mate, Bill Denny, the 2 to 3 hour show is split into three 
sessions. The first part is an acoustic blues set covering 
songs such as "Manish Boy", Hoochie Coochie Man" and "Dust 
My Broom". 

The second set is a semi-acoustic set with Angry, Stuart 
and Matt each singing 4 songs each. Angry’s songs are 
"Master’s Of War", "Dirty Old Town", "Tobacco Road" and 
"Maggie May". The last set has the amps thumping! 

Gig dates (with more possible) - 

April 3 Clifton Hill Hotel, Melbourne
April 4 Criterion Hotel, Warnambool, Vic
April 5 Commercial Hotel, Mt Gambia, SA
April 10 Rooxby Downs, SA
April 11 Italo-Aust Miners Club, Coober Pedy, SA
April 12 Todd River Tavern, Alice Springs, NT
April 13 Tenant Creek Hotel, Tenant Creek NT
April 14 Ernest Henry Mine, Cloncurry, QLD
April 15 Century Mine, Mt Isa, QLD
April 16 Phosphate Hill, QLD
April 17 Mt Isa Civic Centre, QLD
April 19 Hotel Kununurra, Kununurra, WA
April 20 Spinifex Hotel, Derby, WA
April 21 Whim Creek Music Festival, WA

House Of Pain TV 4/10/03

Sydney’s most rockin Tattoo shop the HOUSE OF PAIN is 
featuring in a TV commercial for a mobile phone. This 
new phone enables digital photos to be taken and sent. 

Pete says the story line is that a pretty young lady 
comes into the shop to get a tattoo and sends a pic of 
it to her boyfriend who is somewhere else. It’s gonna be 
fuckin ugly as all the HOP crue play a role, yeah that’s 
right, Kingy, Matt, Richard & the charismatic Mr Wells. 

All I can say is that the young lady will have to be 
very very desirable to make up for that lot!!!

Jailhouse Rock DVD Review 4/10/03

There is an informative review of the Tatts new DVD at

Robbers Dog 4/10/03

Brisbane rockers ROBBERS DOG have just released a live CD 
which features ripping covers of THE TATTS "Nice Boys" and 
"Rock ‘N’ Roll Outlaw". Also on the album are a number of 
AC/DC covers and other covers of the THE ANGELS, ZZ TOP, 
LED ZEPPELIN, THIN LIZZY etc. A stand out track on the album 
is "Soldier Of Fortune" which is the only ROBBERS DOG song 
on the album. You can buy the album from their website at

Tatts at Rooty Hill 3/02/03

The Tatts will be playing at the Rooty Hill RSL, Sydney
on Saturday March 15th. Tickets are $22.

DVD Info 2/07/03


Warner Vision Australia has detailed release info for the
DVD release of "Jailhouse Rock - Live At Boggo Road Jail".
Given that it is an Australian release, it appears that the 
encoding will be Region 4, which encompasses Australia & 
New Zealand among others. Europe is Region 2...USA is Region 1.
The release info is here...

Updates 2/07/03

        • Angry reports that his new new movie called 
          "Sixteen G's", will feature some Tatts songs
          from "Pain". '17 Stitches' & 'One More Drink
          With The Boys' have been mentioned.

        • Paul has been cut from the "Long Way To The 
          Top" tour, and he is quite pissed off about it!

        • Pete, Lucy & Paul are currently helping out 
          on the new Jess Clements album...Jess is Lucy's

Tatts on Break 1/24/03

Pete Wells informs us that the Tatts are on break due to
band members being involved in other projects. Here's whats

        • Angry Anderson is the lead in a new movie called
          "Sixteen G's"'s about the underworld and will
          be shown at the Cannes Film festival. The movie
          also features members of Sydney rockers TYRANT. The
          soundtrack will feature TYRANT...and maybe some Tatts
          as well. For more info on TYRANT check out their Homepage 

        • Paul DeMarco is putting together an instructional
          DVD on rock 'n' roll drumming! He's one of the
          best for keep your eyes peeled for this
          upcoming release! Paul is also currently on the
          "Long Way To The Top" tour, drumming for Billy Thorpe!
          Don't forget his work with Dave Tice, Mark Evans,
          The Headhunters, and the Porch Monkeys! Busy lad...

        • Pete Wells & The Damn Fine Band have two dates scheduled,
          1/24 at the Ellouellh Hotel  &  1/25 in Bathurst

Upcoming Releases 1/24/03

There are two releases to be aware of:

        • The first is a Japanese issue of "PAIN" which features 3 
          live bonus tracks taken from "25 To Life". The tracks are 
          'Nice Boys , 'Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw' & 'One Of The Boys'. This
          cd is available now.

        • It looks like the Boggo Road Jail show is coming out on
          DVD in March! lists it as an upcoming
 info yet from Steamhammer regarding how this
          DVD will be encoded.

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