Pete Wells Band New Years Eve 12/27/02

Pete Wells band will be playing their traditional
New Years Eve Show at the Empire Hotel in Annandale.
Here's all the details from :

NEW YEARS EVE - PETE WELLS BAND + GUESTS $5 NEW YEARS EVE at the Empire means PETE WELLS BAND rocking in the New Year again! Pete returns to his home turf at the Empire Hotel after a recent international tour with Rose Tattoo. Pete fuels his local band with the energy that one can only gain from playing to international stadiums with capacity crowds. He is itching to set the room alive with his authentic brand of hard, earth trembling electric Australian rock blues. Pete is the real deal, come and experience an international music icon up close. Plus, there is always the chance of one of his esteemed friends dropping in.

PAIN Reviews 12/27/02

Reviews for PAIN are available from the Discography page.

Doyalson RSL Report & Photo Gallery 9/05/02

Check out the show report and an amazing photo gallery
from the 8/31 Doyalson RSL gig!!! It's all on the 
Live page.

Doyalson RSL Report & Photo Gallery 9/05/02

Check out the show report and an amazing photo gallery
from the 8/31 Doyalson RSL gig!!! It's all on the 
Live page.

Sydney Gigs 8/19/02

Just a week and a half to go before the Tatts Sydney dates,
which take place 8/29 - 8/31. Pete Wells will back on slide
duties for these shows...he had to miss the recent UK and
European dates due to recurrence of a leg injury...but Pete
reports that he's ready to go for the Sydney dates.

New songs you can expect include Black Magic, 17 Stitches, Kisses & Hugs, and One More Drink With The Boys!

The Tatts other slide player...Greg Jordan (Southern Stars) admirably filled in for Pete...check out some pics of Greg on stage at the Australian Rose Tattoo home page...

German Fans Party 8/19/02


Less than a month to go before the party for Rose Tattoo fans
being held in Germany. The party is being organized by the
German Tatts home page...more info here...

London Gig 7/09/02

The Tatts have announced a gig at the garage in London 
on July 29th. Full details can be found at the Workhard P.R. website.

Rose Tattoo Live Set Poll 6/24/02

The German Tatts Fansite is conducting a poll for fans to
vote on the songs they'd like to hear on the next Tatts 
tour. To make it fair...everyone should vote for their
5 favourite songs! You can be part of the voting here!

Australian Tatts Home Page 6/24/02

There is now an Australian Rose Tattoo home page. 
Check it out!

UK Rock & Blues Link 6/15/02

The Tatts are playing at the UK Rock & Blues Festival in 
Pentrich, Derbyshire July 27th, check out a link to the 
Festival Site on the Live page.

Australian Tour Dates Announced 6/07/02

Some initial Australian tour dates have been announced,
with more to follow! Check them out on the Live page.

Pain: Now Available In Europe 6/05/02

The new Tatts disc Pain is now available in Europe! Buy
it from your local shop...or if you are not in Europe, 
order it online from your favorite seller of European cd's. 
One option is the fine folks at German Music Express. 
Rock On!

Pain: Release Dates, Track Listing, 2002 Bio 5/14/02

SPV records has announced the release dates for the new Tatts 
album "Pain". The dates are June 3rd in Europe, and July 2nd
in America. The album is an amazing 16 tracks, running nearly
an hour in length! The track listing is as follows:
* Black Magic * The Devil Does It Well * No Mercy * Pain´s My Friend * Someone To Fuck * 17 Stitches * House Of Pain * Can´t Help It * Union Man * Satan´s Eyes * Hard Rockin` Man * Stir Crazy * Livin` Outside My Means * Heat Of The Moment * Illustrated Man * One More Drink For a great read...check out the 2002 Bio from SPV/Steamhammer.

UK /European Tour Dates 5/11/02


European tour dates are now available on the Live page.
More dates will be listed as they become available!

Oz Tour? 5/06/02

The Tatts may be part of an Australian "Legends Of Rock Tour"
which is being put together due to the success of the ABC
TV AusRock documentary "It's A Long Way To The Top". The Tatts 
would play four songs (old faves like "Bad Boy", etc.) No info 
yet on an Oz "Pain" tour.

"PAIN" Photo Session 5/06/02

The Tatts recently had a photo shoot for the PAIN album in
Sydney. Former Angels bass player Jim Hilbun took the pictures,
and he says that the photos were sent off to SPV in Germany
to decide how they will be used. According to Jim, the pictures
could end up on the cd cover...posters...t-shirts...or the trash
bin! He also says that the Tatts really liked how the photos came
out...which is what really counts!

New Album "PAIN"...2002 Tour Dates 4/15/02

"PAIN" is the title of the upcoming new Tatts studio album. It will have 
12 tracks...still no release date set.

European tour dates for 2002 have been announced...the Tatts will be in Germany and also will make a stop for the first time ever in Norway. The dates are:

18.05.2002 - Berlin, Biesenthal Festival
20.05.2002 - Göttingen, Outpost
21.05.2002 - München, Georg Elser Halle
22.05.2002 - Austria - Wien, Planet Music
24.05.2002 - Erfurt, Gewerkschaftshaus
25.05.2002 - Engelsdorf, Hellraiser
26.05.2002 - Stuttgart, Longhorn
28.05.2002 - Potsdam, Lindenpark
29.05.2002 - Bochum, Zeche
30.05.2002 - Neu-Isenburg, Hugenottenhalle
31.05.2002 - Hamburg, Markthalle
01.06.2002 - Norway - Biker Blowout 2002
03.06.2002 - Köln, Live Music Hall
05.06.2002 - Nürnberg, Hirsch
06.06.2002 - Belgium - Vosselaar, Biebob
07.06.2002 - Netherlands - Helmond, Plato
08.06.2002 - Hannover, Harley Davidson Meeting

Angry Returns 4/05/02

Got the word that Angry is back home after finishing vocals for the
new album. The album is described as "pretty much finished", but the
release date is still up in the air, nothing is definite as of yet.
Stay tuned...

UK Dates 4/05/02

Looks like the Tatts will be back in the UK this coming July. 
TotalRock is reporting that the Tatts are confirmed for the 
19th annual Rock & Blues festival, July 25-27 at Penritch 
in Derbyshire.

Angry Adds Throat 3/27/02

With the backing tracks completed on the Tatts new album, all that's left 
is for Angry to add his unique brand of "throat" to the mix. That is 
currently happening in Germany, as the rest of the band have returned to
Australia. The time grows nearer...

Tatts UK Magazine Interview 2/16/02

The UK based tattoo magazine Skin Deep features an interview with the 
Tatts in their March 2002 issue. Pick up a copy and check it out...

Tatts Studio Report 2/13/02

Herko Schmidt reports on the Tatts in the studio in Germany:

	Just visited the boys in the studio in Hamburg last weekend.	
	Pete, Rockin´ Rob, Paul and Steve are recording since one week 
	together, with former Accept ("Restless & Wild", "Balls to the Wall") 
	guitar player Hermann Frank as engineer and Rainer Hänsel as producer.
	There´s also ex-Whitesnake guitar player and song writer ("Here we go
	again") Bernie Mardsen working on some vocal lines for Angry. Angry 
	will start doing the vocals in the beginning of March. Till then, the 
	boys plan to record around 15 to 20 songs. So far I heard some roughs 
	of 9 songs, and they already show, that the Tatts are still the Tatts 
	and we can expect a real wild lesson of some dirty old rock´n´roll. 
	So be excited...wait and see for more stuff to come!

Thanks for that exciting news Herko!

Pete Wells - Solo 1/14/02


The new Pete Wells cd "Solo" is scheduled for release January 25th! It's
a true solo outing, with Pete handling all the instrumentation: guitars, 
bass, drum tracks...and of course the vocals. The disc features PW playing 
some wicked down home blues, and the song list is a combination of originals 
and blues classics. Complete info is available on the  PW Discography page.

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