Where to find "25 To Life" 12/29/00

To those of you who have had trouble finding "25 To Life", let me recommend 
CD Cellar as a reliable source for the cd. They have it in stock and I 
received mine within a week of ordering. FYI, the cd is first rate all the
way...the packaging, artwork, sleeve notes and most of all the incredible sound
all do the Tatts proud. This is one of the greatest live rock 'n' roll albums...ever.

German Date with Böhse Onkelz 12/24/00

The Böhse Onkelz News Page is reporting a confirmed date of
June 23rd for an open air gig at Hildesheim airport with Rose Tattoo.
Thanks to Arnd for this info...

Another UK Date 12/20/00

Another Tatts UK date has been confirmed, this one's on June 3rd at JB's in Dudley.
So, at this point the 2001 European Tour looks like: 

DATE           	VENUE             LOCATION
June 3, 2001	JB's              Dudley, UK
June 4, 2001	Rock City         Nottingham, UK
June 6, 2001	Army&Navy         Chelmsford, Essex, UK
June 9, 2001	Rock Festival     Sölvesborg, Sweden

New Mad Max III Website 12/20/00

Give a look at the new Mad Max III website. This is the 3rd movie in the 
Road Warrior Trilogy...and featured Angry Anderson's worldwide theatrical debut
in his role as "IronBar Bassey".

"25 To Life" Aussie Release 12/19/00

"25 To Life" is now available in Australia through Shock Records, which is distributing 
the Tatts new release in Oz. Check out page two of their New Releases for info...

Album Of The Week 12/19/00

Check out a great review of "25 To Life" at Beat Magazine Online...its the Album Of The Week
for Issue #737...

Tickets on Sale for Chelmsford, Essex, UK 12/16/00

The Tatts will be tearing up the Army&Navy in Chelmsford, Essex
on June 5th, 2001. Tickets are now on sale! Thanks to Sean for this info...

New Tatts page at the SPV website 12/16/00

Rose Tattoo has a new page at the SPV Records website...

Tatts SPV Page

Tickets on Sale for Nottingham UK 12/11/00

The website is listing tickets available for Rose Tattoo
at Rock City venue in Nottingham, June 6, 2001. More European 
tour info as it becomes available! Thanks to Fergus for this 

Tatts at Sweden Rock Festival 2001 12/02/00

The website for the Sweden Rock Festival is listing Rose Tattoo
as a confirmed act. The festival is held in Sölvesborg June 8th and 
9th of 2001. More European dates as they become available! Thanks to 
Jimmi West for this info...

2001 European Tour 11/29/00

Pete Wells confirms that the Tatts will tour Europe next year! 
There are plans for dates in France, the UK, and Festival shows 
with Böhse Onkelz. It looks like a June 2001 timeframe...more details 
as they become available!

"25 To Life" Released in USA 11/29/00

"25 To Life" is now available in the USA in a double cd version
only. The cd is on the SteamHammer label. Check your online retailers
if you can't find it in your local record store.

New Ian Rilen CD 11/29/00

Ian Rilen has just released the solo cd "Love Is Murder" on Phantom
Records in Australia. The CD comes with a limited edition 4 song EP.
Check out all the details on the Misc discography page.

Rose Tattoo Shop Open 11/29/00

The Rose Tattoo Shop is open at the Metaltix page. Just click on
Merchandising and select Rose Tattoo on the left hand column. There's a 
nice selection of shirts as well as the the new cd.

"25 To Life" Released in Germany 11/13/00

The new Tatts release "25 To Life" is now available in Germany. There is both
a double cd version, and a limited edition double picture disc vinyl version. 
US release is still slated for 11/28 for the cd version only.

New Studio Album and UK Tour? 11/06/00

The TotalRock web page is reporting that Rose Tattoo will be busy next year:

	Veteran Aussie band Rose Tattoo will start work on a new
	studio album in January. The band are expected back in 
	Europe for touring purposes next summer, with UK dates 
	being planned for June.

I hope to find out more about this soon...thanks to Sean in the UK for this info!	

"25 To Life" Available for Pre-Order Online 11/01/00

The new Rose Tattoo cd is available for pre-order at several online cd stores.
It seems "25 To Life" will have a US release date of 11/28, as CDNow and
CDWorld are listing it as available on that date. The German release date still 
appears to be 11/13, as the German online store Adori has it listed for that date.

Tatts on French TV 10/29/00

Pete Wells & Angry Anderson will be appearing on a French TV show (Canal +)
on Monday October 30. Word is that AC/DC are slated to be on the show as well, 
as they are currently on tour in France. Send me a report if you're lucky enough 
to see this broadcast!

Latest Info on "25 To Life" 10/29/00

The November issue of German magazine RockHard contains a pair of 
"25 To Life" items. First, is a 2 page full spread advertisement:

25 To Life Advert
And there is also a news item on the upcoming release:

25 To Life Mag
...for those who don't read is the translation (Thanks Thomas!) Fast Frankie Albrecht called ROSE TATTOO as the "hardest band of the world" in his last-month review of the Wacken-Live-Open-Air. Well, at least the Aussies are the rawest band under the sun. This is especially shown on the "sweat-becoming" (?) gigs of Angry & Co. And for that, what is clearer (lies nearer) to make a lifealbum with all the essentials and a perfect sound?!? Here (on CD), with one of the greatest hits of the Street-Rocker, "Rock'n'Roll is King" it is possible to take a first impression. Right! Finally...the SPV Records Web Site has added "25 To Life" to their catalog listing. The listing includes an image of the cd cover, as well as MP3 sound samples from the new release. Here is a direct link to the "25 To Life" page. If that link does not work, you can search the "Rock" catalog at SPV Records for "Rose Tattoo".

Crue Cancels Australia Tour 10/29/00

The Motley Crue November tour of Australia has been cancelled, which
means the Tatts shows as support are also cancelled. 

Details and the official press release from Crue management are available
at Paul Miles' Chronological Crue website.

"25 To Life" Release Date 10/23/00

RockHard Magazine is reporting that "25 To Life" will be released on 13 November 
in Germany. Also, there will be a double picture disc version of the album on vinyl.

Australia Tour Dates Changed 10/13/00

The Motley Crue Australian tour with Rose Tattoo as support has undergone
radical change. The new dates and locations are:

November	23	Brisbane Entertainment Centre
November	25	Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Park
November	26	Sydney Entertainment Centre

You can read the official press release from Crue management at Paul Miles'
Chronological Crue website.

"25 To Life" Cover Art 10/12/00

Here's the cover art for "25 To Life", taken from a promo version of the cd. It
features one of the best Rose Tattoo logos...

25 To Life

Tatts Promotional News & The New CD 10/07/00

Pete Wells and Angry Anderson will be promoting the new live cd in Europe starting
October 22nd in Munich and continuing with Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Cologne, Hannover,
Paris and London. More details as they become available...

Also, I happened to hear a preview copy of the new cd, and the most appropriate word
to describe it would be YOW! Close your eyes...crank up the volume...and you're there!
The sound is big and bad and the performance is down and dirty...classic Tatts
rock 'n' roll! 


Pete Wells On New Compilation 10/07/00

Pete Wells will be on the Vicious Kitten Records Australia compilation out 1/11 called 
ROCK N ROLL WAR, with a number of other bands from around the world. For more info
check out the Vicious Kitten website.


Tatts Join Motley Crue for Australian Tour 09/28/00

Here is the official press release:

For Immediate Release


The original "bad boys" of rock Rose Tattoo have been announced as the 
special guests on the Motley Crue Australian tour. Arguably Australia's 
best hard rock band, the Tatts are a powerhouse addition to the bill 
for the tour, which begins on November 22.

The Rose Tattoo lineup - Angry Anderson (voc), Pete Wells (gtr), Rob Riley (gtr), 
Steve King (bass) and Paul DeMarco (drums) - have just returned from Germany, 
where they played at the huge Wacken Open Air 2000 concert. The show was recorded 
for an upcoming live album, which the band have just finished mixing in Hamburg. 
It is described as "absolutely live and raw........ with no overdubs". The album's 
title and release date are not yet confirmed. 

With tracks like "Bad Boy For Love", "We Can't Be Beaten" and "Rock'n'Roll Outlaw", 
Rose Tattoo stamped their claim as one of the best live bands in Australia. News 
that they are performing live again will be greeted with delight by Aussie fans. 
Meanwhile in America, Motley Crue continue to win rave reviews on their 50-date 
"New Tattoo" tour. The band are incredibly excited at returning to Australia for
their first time since 1990.

Tour dates are:

November	22	Canberra AIS Arena
November	23	Wollongong Entertainment Centre
November	25	Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Park
November	27	Newcastle Entertainment Centre 
November	28	Sydney Entertainment Centre


For ticket info, visit Jacobson Entertainment.

Also, you can get tour info at Paul Miles' excellent Chronological Crue website.

Double Live CD coming in Late October / Early November 09/21/00

The new double live CD from Rose Tattoo will be titled "25 To Life" and is
scheduled for a late October / early November release. The title of this
sure to be a classic commemorates the Tatts 25 years of existence and was
the idea of Andyboy, whose song of the same name was recorded on the Romeo Dog
album. The CD will contain the entire Wacken 2000 performance...a track listing 
can be found on the Live page.

Wacken 2000 on German TV 09/16/00

Underground TV, a German cable TV group, will be showing four hours of the Wacken 
Festival on September 24th. Rose Tattoo are listed in the program description at
their website. So...who are the Tatts fans in Germany that will be recording this???

Tatts finished mixing live album in Germany 08/20/00

Rose Tattoo has completed mixing the live album of their explosive Wacken Open Air
2000 performance and returned to Australia. The recording is described as "absolutely
live and raw...with no overdubs". So now we wait impatiently for a title
and release date...more news as it becomes available!

Tatts In Germany Mixing Live Album 08/13/00

Rose Tattoo is hold up in Hamburg, mixing the live album of their kick ass performance
at Wacken Open Air 2000. Apparently, the concert was filmed as well...hopefully a video
or DVD is on the way! More info as it becomes available...

The Wacken Open Air 2000 site has some excellent pictures of the Tatts...check 'em out:

Pete, Paul, Angry & Steve


Pete & Angry

Angry & Steve

Classic Lobby Loyde album available on CD 08/13/00

The classic Lobby Loyde album "Plays with George Guitar" is now available on compact
disc. This is one of THE heavy guitar, acid rock albums of all time! The fine folks
at Vicious Sloth Collectables have done an excellent job on this release, which 
features comprehensive liner notes from Aussie rock journalist Ian MacFarlane. Details 
available in the "Misc." section of the Discography page.

Tatts Rip It Up at Wacken 08/06/00

It was an absolutely screaming gig from Rose Tattoo at Wacken Open Air 2000...fantastic
sound and an incredible 17 song set:

	Out Of This Place 
	Bad Boy For Love 
	Assault & Battery 
	The Butcher & Fast Eddy 
	Rock'n'Roll Is King 
	Rock'n'Roll Outlaw 
	We Can't Be Beaten 
	Astra Wally 
	Scarred For Life 
	Juice On The Loose 
	Who's Got The Cash 
	One Of The Boys 
	Nice Boys 
	Manzil Madness 
	Suicide City

Pictures from this amazing show are on the way...stay tuned! And thanks to Roland Faessler 
for the report...

Tatts Arrive in Germany 08/01/00

The word from Germany is that Rose Tattoo arrived at Hamburg Airport on Tuesday
evening, primed and ready for their appearance Saturday August 5th at Wacken Open Air 2000.
The Tatts will be appearing on the "Black Stage" starting at 8pm. Check the Saturday schedule
for a complete listing. Should be a killer evening...and any and all concert reports 
can be sent here. Rock On!

Pete Wells "HATEBALL" Available 07/17/00

Pete Wells Band latest, "HATEBALL", is now available through SPV Germany. The disc
is packed with 14 PWB classics, as well as an extra hidden "surprise"...and features 
a guest appearance by Mick Cocks on four of the tracks. Check out the Pete Wells 
Discography page for details on this screamin' new disc!

Wacken, Germany Date Change 06/27/00

Due to a scheduling conflict, Rose Tattoo's appearance at "Wacken Open Air 2000" has been
changed. The new date is Saturday August 5th. The Tatts will be on stage at 8pm! 

New Dave Tice Album w/Paul DeMarco & Pete Wells 06/27/00

"Lay Down With Dogs" is the new album from former Buffalo shouter Dave Tice. It features the
Tatts Paul DeMarco on drums and a guest appearance by Pete Wells! Its available from
Full Moon Records.

Buffalo Herd Get Together 06/27/00

Pete Wells and Buffalo had an unofficial reunion recently. The lineup also included Chris
Turner! For more info, visit The Buffalo Page.

Tatts in Wacken, Germany Confirmed...Live Album To Be Recorded 06/26/00

Its official...Rose Tattoo will be "Rockin' in Wacken" on August 3rd. Peter Wells is organizing
the show, which will feature the following Tatts lineup:

      Angry Anderson  - Throat
      Peter Wells - Slide
      Rob Riley - Guitar
      Steve King - Bass (...of the Pete Wells Band)
      Paul DeMarco - Drums

The live album is being recorded for the CBH label, owned by German promoter Rainier Hänsel. Its
possible that the album will be distributed through the SPV label...although that is not definite. 

Also...Angry Anderson will be performing with The Giants at a Harley Davidson festival in Berlin 
on July 23rd. More info can be had at Motorcycle Jamboree.

No info yet on UK activities...

The Rumour Mill 06/21/00

Lotsa rumours floating around regarding the Tatts and their immediate future. Unable to
officially confirm or deny any of these, but here they are:

	(1) Tatts to play in Wacken, Germany this August: This was reported in Rockhard 
          Magazine, no further dates have been reported or confirmed.

	(2) Tatts to play in Britain later in the year: A British source provided this
          info, the info originated in Germany.

	(3) Tatts signed to SPV records, new material demo'd, new album later this year: Well,
          Pete Wells has supposedly signed to SPV, can't yet confirm the Tatts. Am waiting for
          a response from SPV on this one.

One other interesting piece of info is that "Rose Tattoo Pty." (i.e. Angry Anderson) is now 
the owner of the domain name "". Hopefully, this means that we 
will eventually see an official Rose Tattoo web page...

Rose Tattoo In MMM's Top Lists 06/18/00

Aussie rock radio station Triple M recently listed the Top 200 Rock
Songs of the 80's, and the Tatts came in at #12 with "We Can't Be Beaten". 
The Bad Boys from Down Under also appear in the Top 105 Beer Drinking Songs 
with "Bad Boy For Love" at #64 and "We Can't Be Beaten" at #26. 

Tatts To Play German Summer Festivals??? 06/03/00

German magazine RockHard is reporting that Rose Tattoo will be
headlining a Summer festival on August 3rd in Wacken. More information
as it becomes available!

Angry Rocks With The Party Boys! 06/03/00

Angry Anderson is once again fronting Oz Rock legends The Party Boys.
This is the rocking lineup of the band, featuring the twin guitar attack 
of Kevin Borich (KB Express) and John Brewster (Angels), along with Paul 
Christie (Mondo Rock) on Bass and Graham "Buzz" Bidstrup (ex-Angels, Gangajang) 
on drums. Don't pass up the chance to see this fantastic band...check the 
web link above for June tour dates!

Pete Wells - New Album & Tour 02/14/00

SPV a German Record Company, has signed Pete Wells to a 2 album deal, the
first album is coming out in Europe and Japan in March titled "Hate Ball".
The second is yet to be advised. Australia will get these albums on import
later in the year. The boys will be heading to Europe and Japan for a
release tour of 'Hate Ball' soon.  SPV has acts such as George Thorougood,
Lynyrd Skynyrd and MOTORHEAD.

'Ship Of Fools' - New Paul DeMarco 02/14/00

Paul DeMarco has put together his own band called 'Ship Of Fools' and is
doing gigs in Sydney.  The band consists of Dee, Paul's wife on vocals, Bear
(name unknown but he's been described as a big mutha) on bass, Mick ? on
lead guitar (not Cocks), Irish (name unknown) on vocals, & there's an unknown
keyboard player too.

Godspell goes Belly-Up 02/14/00

The following is taken from Christie Eliezer's column :

Some of the biggest names around were left blinking in shock last week when 
the $16 million "Godspell" musical went into receivership, when the 
Queensland-based Hutchison Entertainment Group pulled out its funding after 
a difference of opinion over the show and touring schedule, according to 
its manager Graham Hutchison. These names included Jimmy Barnes (who was to 
play Judas and John The Baptist), Terence Trent D'Arby (Jesus Christ), 
Debra Byrne, Marie Wilson, Wendy Matthews (Mary Magdalene), Paul Mercurio, 
Fiona Horne, ANGRY ANDERSON and David Dixon. Rehearsals were to start in 
the week beginning February 8 in Sydney. The show was to go on the road in 
March with a 10-piece rock band, circus performers, trapeze artists and 
state of the art effects. Its British-based director and designer, Ultz, 
said he had been working six months on the show and told one reporter, "We 
have all lost money. And we all made ourselves unavailable for other 
projects but there seems to be no one to sue."

Rose Tattoo Tribute CD! 01/11/00

"Rose Tattwho? - A Tribute to the Boys" is an earsplitting new disc from
Andyboy that pays homage to the Tatts with rip roaring renditions of 11 
Rose Tattoo classics.
Rose Tattwho?
The band (Andyboy, Billy Rowe, Craig Behrhorst, Mike Butler & Erik Lannon)
Rose Tattwho?
do the Tatts proud as they tear through "Nice Boys", "Magnum Maid", "T.V.",
"Its Gonna Work Itself Out", "Manzil Madness", "Astra Wally", "Dead Set",
"All The Lessons" there are three Tatts bonus tracks from Andyboy:
"One Of The Boys", "Snow Queen" and the unreleased demo "Another Side of Life".

This fantastic disc is available at the Andyboy page. Get it!

Angry does Godspell! 01/11/00

Here's a news note on Angry's latest venture:
...Jimmmy Barnes will head the cast of the musical "Godspell", which hits the 
road in March. The star studded cast of the $16 million production includes 
Terence Trent D'Arby, Debra Byrne, Angry Anderson, Fiona Horne, Marie Wilson, 
Belinda Emmett, David Dixon and Wendy Matthews. Promoter is Graham Hutchinson.
Matthews is recording a new version of "Day By Day" produced by INXS' Andrew 
Farriss and the show's music director Larry Muhoberac.

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