Angry Anderson - Throat

Dai Pritchard - Slide

Randall Waller - Guitar


Pete Wells - Slide

Mick Cocks - Guitar

Ian Rilen - Bass

Dallas "Digger" Royal

Lobby Loyde - Bass

Neil Smith - Bass

Other Tatts...

Geordie Leach - Bass

Rob Riley - Guitar

Steve King - Bass

Paul DeMarco

Chris Turner - Guitar

Greg Jordan - Slide

John Meyer - Guitar

Scott Johnston

Andy Cichon - Bass

Tim Gaze - Slide

Pete Jenkins - Guitar

Robert Bowron


Paul Woseen - Bass
Matt Cornell - Bass
Mick O'Shea - Drums
Tony Lake - Vocals
Leigh Johnston - Guitar
Steve Balbi - Bass
Jake Landt - Bass
Michael Vandersluys - Drums
Richard Melleck - Keyboards

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