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ROSE TATTOO Europe live dates for 2006:

DATE            VENUE

Fri 12 May  RUS Blues Club, Moscow
Sat 13 May  RUS Harley Davidson Showcase, Moscow
Tue 1  Aug  GER Markthalle, Hamburg
Sat 5  Aug  GER Wacken Open Air

Report From Wacken 2006

Here's comprehensive Wacken Report 2006 from Juergen Tschamler,
who also provided us with some intense stage-side photos:




	The Tatts played right after Whitesnake and Motörhead 
	on a smaller stage (the band would not play on the big 
	stage... for some reasons..) . Gig Time: 0.30 in the 
	night! But in front of the stage the place was packed 
	and the krauts very enthusiastic! The band got a very 
	good response! 

	Line up:
	Angry, Mick Cocks, Steve King, Paul DeMarco and Dai 
	Pritchard (slide) 

	They played great (I was a little bit skeptical, 
	but it worked out very, very well).

	On the last few tracks Gonzo (ex-Boehse Onkelz) joined 
	the band on stage. In the beginning of the set the band 
	had a little bit sound problems, but after the second song 
	the sound was excellent. 

	The band played 4 brand new songs!!!! "Black Eyed Bruiser" 
	is a cover version, originally written by Vanda & Young. 
	Just released on MCD here in germany with 3 live bonus 
	tracks recorded at the Pete Wells Benefit show (RnR Outlaw,
	Remedy, Astra Wally). 

	Here is the setlist from the Wacken gig:

	One Of The Boys 
	Rock`n´Roll Outlaw 
	Man About Town (new)
	Black Eyed Bruiser (new) 
	Assault & Battery
	Sweet Meat (new) 
	R`n`R Is King
	Manzil Madness
	Once In A Lifetime  (new, very good...reminds in some guitar parts to RnR Outlaw)
	Nice Boys 
	Bad Boy For Love
	Astra Wally

Thanks Juergen!!!

Hamburg Rocks 2006

Hamburg Rocks 2006

The Wacken Open Air site has some great Tatts photos from
their show at Hamburg Rocks 2006! You can see the pictures here

Moscow 2006

Hamburg Rocks 2006

The Tatts travelled to Moscow in May to play the Harley
Davidson showcase. There are excellent pictures at both as well as the Russian Harley Davidson site

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