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ROSE TATTOO Australia live dates for 2006:

DATE            VENUE

Fri 21 Apr  AUS Bridge Hotel, Rozelle
Sat 22 Apr  AUS Bridge Hotel, Rozelle
Tue 29 Aug  AUS Lobby Loyde Benefit, The Palace, Melbourne
Sat 30 Sep  AUS Pub w/No Beer Festival, Taylors Arm near Kempsey
Fri 6  Oct  AUS Ian Rilen Benefit, Prince of Wales Hotel, Melbourne
Sat 7  Oct  AUS Outdoor Festival, Carrington Park, Bathhurst
Fri 8  Dec  AUS Meredith Music Festival, Meredith, VIC
Sat 9  Dec  AUS East Brunswick Club, Melbourne

Tatts at the Bridge Hotel

Here's some pics from the Tatts at the Bridge Hotel...their
gigs in memory of Pete. Note that Dai is playing Pete's
"Everything You Like tries To Kill You" Telecaster in tribute.
Thanks to Steve Lorkin for these shots...

	Bridge Hotel - 4.21.06 	Bridge Hotel - 4.21.06 	Bridge Hotel - 4.21.06

Report from the Bridge Hotel

Here's a report from Dave Williams, who was at the Bridge
Hotel for the gigs in Pete's memory...

	Rose Tattoo at the Bridge Hotel
	21-22 April 2006

	by Dave Williams

	I found the occasion almost overwhelming from a fanís point of 
	view; being privileged to talk with some of the band before & 
	after the show.  The crowd were definitely anticipating the gigs 
	(both nights) and proceedings were soon underway after a brief 
	announcement by Angry, reminding us that it was in fact a wake 
	for the wonderful Peter Wells; with the majority of the tracks 
	to be played being amongst Peteís favourites.  

	Bridge Hotel Setlist - 4.21.06 

	We were soon greeted with Out Of This Place, a standard opener for 
	the past few years, which quickly set the pace for the remainder of 
	the night; followed by One of the boys, Remedy & Bad Boy, I still 
	canít understand why Mick Cocks isnít hailed as one of Australiaís 
	finest guitarists, he is amazing, with his speed, tempo & feel.

	Between a few songs we are treated to some of Angryís worthwhile 
	comments on all things from 4 wheel drives to the decline in quality 
	of one of our most popular beers and of course several toasts to 
	the ďBossĒ; on with the show again, during which there is much 
	byplay between Angry, Steve & to a lesser degree, Mick (looking 
	like the text book guitar player, cigarette hanging from his mouth, 
	and those trade mark facial expressions from sheer concentration). 

	A few more old favourites follow, Assault, Tramp & a Butcher, 
	featuring a perfect solo from Mick. Although not in the best position 
	to hear, Dai seemed to cover Peteís parts very well, we know it 
	wonít be exactly as Pete played, but itís a hard job & he did fine; 
	Steve & Paul were constant in the rhythm section as always, very 
	solid, and Steve as usual having a lot of fun.

	I canít remember what song, but I do remember Steve taking over the 
	lead vocal for a while, as Angry was otherwise occupied (having 
	collapsed over the fold back speakers). The crowd at front (me included) 
	were treated to some great moments as usual, with the familiar 
	rescuing mikes & mike stands, protecting the bands drink supply etc.

	I remember Pete saying Outlaw was probably his favourite Tatts tune, 
	which explains why there was a few misty eyes when they played it.  
	Soon we were treated with an encore starting with Astra Wally 
	(Mr Cocksí trade mark speedy introduction being slowed down somewhat 
	on the second night, with a great result) the show soon ending with 
	ĎBeatenĎ. After the show we filed out of the room, catching up with 
	fellow fans & friends for the obligatory after show drinks and 
	locating a quiet place to allow the ears to stop ringing.

	Every Tatts gig is an event, this one just adds to the list, but being 
	extra special, as the first since the passing of Peter; Iím sure his 
	spirit was in the room (and he sure would have heard it!)

Pictures from the Ian Rilen Tribute

The Tatts played at Ian Rilen's Tribute show in
Melbourne at the Prince Bandroom. A comprehensive
image collection from that night can be found here.

Lobby Loyde Tribute

On August 29th, it was "BALL POWER - A TRIBUTE
TO LOBBY LOYDE" at the Palace in Melbourne! A
Who's Who of Australian Rock payed tribute
to the guitar legend, who is fighting lung cancer.
The Tatts were there of course, and the band lineup 
was incredible:

Billy Thorpe & the Sunbury Aztecs - Chain - Spectrum 
Wild Cherries - Axiom (feat. Brian Cadd & Glenn Shorrock) 
Ian Rilen - Rose Tattoo - Sparrow - Wendy Saddington
Sarah McLeod -The Coloured Balls - Painters & Dockers 
Madder Lake - Blackfeather - Russell Morris  
Masters Apprentices - Broderick Smith - Frances Loyde

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