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The Tatts played three warmup gigs before the big UK/Europe's a report from Michael Eagling of the Pete Wells Official Site:

	Thursday night the Tatts line up of Wells/Anderson/King 
	(acca The Undertaker!!)/DeMarco & Riley hit the stage to a 
	full house of 400 fans at their local pub, the Annadale Hotel. 
	The set list for the 3 gigs was (going from a hazy memory, I 
	did get a list from the gig but lost it somewhere)-

		Out Of This Place 
		Bad Boy 
		One Of The Boys 
		Assault & Battery 
		The Butcher 
		Rock 'N' Roll Is King 
		Astra Wally 
		Scarred For Life 
		Manzil Madness 
		We Can't Be Beaten 
		Nice Boys 
		Suicide City (played at Annandale only)

	The crowd loved it & went right off moshing in the front. The 
	sound wasn't all that great (very loud though as you'd expect) 
	but didn't impress Angry & Rob had a few technical problems. At 
	the end Wellsy threw his t-shirt into the crowd walking off the 
	stage to the sound of ear shattering feedback.

	The next night at Woy Woy was great, a lot better sound which
	thumped plus the band were noticably tighter having benefited 
	from blowing the cobwebs out the previous night. The real disappointing 
	thing was that there was no-one there, about 125 from what I heard. 
	I was told that this gig wasn't advertised all that well which 
	hopefully explains the lack of bodies.

	The Eastwood gig was packed and the band were great. Overall the 
	band enjoyed themselves on stage and benefited from the warm up 
	gigs before the UK/European tour. Overseas fans can expect to see 
	a loud an agressive Rose Tattoo playing, as Pete Wells said "the 
	same old shit", which we love and hope to hear more of!!!!
	All the best overseas!!

Something else to look forward to is the Pete Wells Band touring in Australia with special guest Angry Anderson. Heres the latest dates:

Pete Wells Band w/special guest Angry Anderson

DATE           	LOCATION 
Feb 03,  2001   Eastwood Hotel, Sydney
Feb 09,  2001   St. John's Park
Feb 16,  2001   Dapto
Feb 17,  2001   Unity Hall, Balmain
Feb 23,  2001   Everglades Country Club
Feb 24,  2001   Star Hotel, Newcastle

Mar 01,  2001   River Arms Hotel, Ulverstone, TAS
Mar 02,  2001   British Hotel, Port Adelaide, SA
Mar 03,  2001   Port Lincol, SA
Mar 10,  2001   Celts Bar, Blackland
Mar 11,  2001   Mooney Mooney Workers Club (arvo)
Mar 24,  2001   Gladiators M/C, Maitland bike show
Mar 31,  2001   Nomads M/C, Sydney bike show

Apr 05,  2001   Orange
Apr 06,  2001   Bargo Sports Club
Apr 07,  2001   Newcastle Workers Club (Year Of The Volunteer)
Apr 12,  2001   Empire Hotel
Apr 13,  2001   Highway 61 Bankstown Bike Show
Apr 14,  2001   Eastwood Hotel

May 04,  2001   Everglades Country Club, Woy Woy
May 05,  2001   Unity Hall, Balmain

Aug 05,  2001   Bridge Hotel, Rozelle, Sydney
Sep 22,  2001   Cancer Benefit Gig, Grafton
Sep 28,  2001   Empire Hotel, Annandale, Sydney  OFFICIAL CD LAUNCH

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