Here's an after show interview done with Angry Anderson from Germany's "Bang Your Head Festival" during the Rose Tattoo European tour. Thanks to Felix Mescoli for this one!

FM: Well, Angry that`s your third reunion in 19 years. Will you stay together this time?

Angry: We went different ways for quite a few years. In the late 80`s I was in America doing an Album for myself. And I rang up the boys, this is 1988/99 , I rang up the Boys and I said would you like to get the Band...what?(somebody enters the trailer looking for a Coke). So anyway, I rang`em up and I said, O.K., get the Band, come back and find America. But Digger, the drummer died in 1989. He was trying to clean, he was cleaning himself from Heroin and he got cancer and he died. So we said, we donīt wanna do it because he died, too painful. We didnīt want to think about it.

In 1992 GunsīnīRoses asked. First time we said no, second time we said we play, yeah ok. And I said to Peter: Maybe we should find another drummer. If we find the right one, not to still Guns`n`Roses, but to come back together with the Band. He Said: Alright if we find the right drummer we can do that. And we found Paul, he played with Pete before and me in different Bands. And it worked very, very well, so we thought from now when we will, so from 92 to now, the Band has been playing together every year.

FM: Oh really? Because the official Band Biography says that you split after the Guns īnīRoses Tour.

Angry: No, we never actually split up. We just didn`t do it for a few years, that`s different. Some Bands say ok, the printed press, weīre splitting up, itīs released. We never did that.

FM: So you have any plans for the future?

Angry: Well, thatīs very difficult. You see, if youīre a fulltime Band, if thatīs all you do, you can make plans for six months, for four months, for two years, for three years. If thatīs all you do, but we all do different things. We all play in different Bands, different things. We can only make plans for Rose Tattoo, some time. Right now we donīt have any plans. Two plans, sketching, maybe, I said maybe we do an Album next year. I think so, I think we probably will. And we gonna come back on Tour next year.

FM: Wintertime?

Angry: Yeah, July, August.

FM: Eh..

Angry: Summer

FM: But you cant say definitely that there will be another Album?

Angry: I think itīs very likely. I think itīs a natural progression. If I gonna keep doing it. As a Band you wanna write new material, and you wanna record your material. We hate recording anyway but it is a necessary part.

FM: It shouldnīt be too difficult for you to get together some new material.

Angry: Itīs not difficult. It doesnīt matter. You see, we never set out to make records, weīre still out to play, you know. We wanna play, thatīs what we do.

FM: But donīt you think that the people want a new Album after all the years?

Angry: So, the Album will only be..., yes we have new songs on an Album, so people can have them. But to us the important thing is... Look, most Bands, the important thing is not the records, not the sounds, itīs playing.

FM: Donīt you fear that people might think, that you only want to make some quick money with the touring, if you donīt release some new material?

Angry: We will see. We will see what it sounds like first. You See, Rob plays Country Music, Pete plays Blues, Steven plays Heavy Metal. I sometimes play with Mickīs Band or my own Bands. Iīve done a Heavy Rock Band with Rob. So I donīt know how another Rose Tattoo Album would sound like, but it would be very interesting to find out. So we will see. We will see it first. And if it sounds good, if it sounds it like should be Rose Tattoo album, then we will release it.

FM: Now to something completely different. Are you familiar with these new Rockīn`Roll Bands from Europe, like The Hellacopters or Gluecifer?

Angry: Yeah, the Hellacopters are good. I like D.A.D.. Sideone(?) is a good Band. The Band we were working with lately, the Backstreetgirls, they rock, they are a good Band. My Kids are listening to Lincoln Park. My favourite Band in the moment is Rammstein.

FM: Oh, is it?

Angry: Oh yeah (laughs). Good Music, but really good clips.

FM: From my point of view they are not very original.

Angry: Why not original? Very, very unique, very dramatic. It combines all the really, really good elements of Rockīn`Roll. Very dramatic, good riffs, good rhythm, good music, good riffs, but good things to say, clever words.

FM: Very interesting that you like this Band. What you think about the development of RockīnīRoll Music during last decade. After the GunsīnīRoses split the whole Scene faded away (Angry looks discerning). Eh, they where RockīnīRoll, in a way, no?

Angry: (Laughs) Well, a little bit. In the beginning. Skid Row where good. Early Guns where good, but they became too..., you know.

FM: What about AC/DC an Motörhead these Bands are still doing well...

Angry: They are still doing the same thing.

FM: Thatīs a way of being true.

Angry: Well, it is. Itīs kinda like, you know, if you really think what you do is the best you can do, than thatīs what you should do. You shouldnīt try just please, please who. You know if you donīt please yourself youīre not pleasing anybody. Mediocrity is the biggest selling commodity in the world. But who wants to be mediocre? You know, mediocre, not good not bad, in the middle.

Thatīs the problem. Pop Music is mediocre. Pop Music is for everybody. It doesnīt offend anybody, doesnīt leave anybody out, itīs aiding campuses, you know. Thatīs not to say thatīs not good, Pop Music is good, good Pop Music is fabulous. Abba, The Beatles, like classic Pop Music is fantastic. Cool mate?

FM: Yeah, thanks a lot.

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